Hello, and welcome to mhwilkiebooks.com, the home of the fiction and non-fiction books of M.H. (Helen) Wilkie — that’s me!

My short story series, On the Road with Merry (written under the name M. H. Wilkie), features an adventurous boomer woman who is on a grand journey across America by car, traveling solo. In each story, Merry arrives in a new place and interacts with a variety of characters. She brings help and hope to some, finds friendship with others, but always leaves an impression on their lives. Once you read your first On the Road with Merry story, you’ll be hooked! Join Merry’s Band of Readers to get news of upcoming stories and learn what else Merry is up to.

My non-fiction books on communication at work,  as well as a motivational book about perseverance and a soon-to-be-published memoir of my adventures in Argentina, are written under the name I am known by, Helen Wilkie.

At the time of this update, the site doesn’t include my non-fiction titles. That is an ongoing process I hope to complete in the next couple of months.