Hello — I’m Helen Wilkie, M. H. Wilkie — and also Nell Young! Let me explain.


As a professional speaker in the field of communication at work, I’ve written a number of books on that topic, using my normal name: Helen Wilkie.

When I began writing fiction, I decided to use my initials to avoid confusion — thus I write fiction under the name M. H. Wilkie.

A few years ago, just for fun, I decided to write a book on a hobby that has given me years of pleasure: knitting. That was completely separate from everything else, so I chose the pen name Nell Young. I may write random books on random subjects in the future, and I will use the name Nell Young for those too.

So Helen Wilkie, M. H. Wilkie, Nell Young — they’re all me. Welcome to my world!

Coach to other authors

Besides writing books, I help other people achieve their dream of authorship through my editing, book coaching and ghostwriting services. Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching someone with an idea take the first tentative steps, and then work through the process with my guidance until they are finally holding in their hands a real, honest-to-goodness book with their name on it as author. If that's you, do get in touch and let's explore how I might help you.