About the Author

Helen Wilkie

Hello, I’m Helen Wilkie. I’m also M.H. Wilkie — and Nell Young! Let me explain.

As a professional speaker in the business world, I’ve been writing non-fiction business books for many years under my own name, Helen Wilkie. As my area of speaking expertise is communication in the workplace, most of my non-fiction titles are in this space and I also have one motivational title and am currently working on a memoir.

When I began writing fiction, I wanted to separate them in some way just to avoid confusion. So I write my fiction under the name of M. H. Wilkie, which simply makes use of my initials instead of the middle name by which I’m known to the world.

And just for fun, I started writing non-fiction books on a subject that has given me hours of pleasure, namely knitting.  To keep that separate I use the pen name of Nell Young. This didn’t go very far, and I just have the one knitting book. However, I may decide to write books on random topics that interest me, and I’ll use Nell Young as the pen name for those books.

They all represent different aspects of me — welcome to my world!