Book Coaching/Ghostwriting

Besides writing and publishing my own books, I work with other authors to help get their books written.

They may be professionals of various types who want to write a book to position them as the expert in their field. They may be people who want to write their memoirs to leave for their family, their fans or the public at large. Or they may simply have knowledge they want to share.

What they have in common is that, for one reason or another, they realize they can’t do it alone. They don’t have the time, the skills or knowledge of the publishing world.

If any of these describe you, read on to learn how I can help you, no matter what stage of your book journey you are on.

Depending on your situation, your needs will be best met by any of the following (click on the titles for detail page):


Book Coaching

Developmental Editing

Line Editing — only for Developmental Edit Clients

The 90-Minute Author


Just so you know, these services apply only to non-fiction books. I don’t write fiction for other authors.

For fee information for these services, email me at Tell me about your book idea: how much of the work you have already done, your purpose in writing the book and anything else that might help me figure out how I can best help you. I will send you information about my fees and recommend the service I think will be best for you, whatever stage you are at on your book journey.