Why a special book on business writing for accountants, and why a Short Painless Guide?

Well, accountants do need to write well in order to practice their professional effectively, and yet many don't. In the course of her professional development work with accounting firms, author Helen Wilkie conducted informal surveys to find out what would encourage her clients to actually read a book on business writing for accountants, and the answer came back loud and clear: make it short and easy to read! So that's exactly what she did, and this handy little guide is the result.

But don't be fooled by its diminutive size and weight — this book is packed with actionable writing advice accountants can put to use right away to the benefit of their clients, their firms and themselves. Examples from the accounting world help put the writing principles in context, and the author's tongue-in-cheek conversational style keeps a potentially dry subject from ever becoming boring.