The 90-Minute Author is best suited for business or how-to books

Whether you are a lawyer, accountant, architect, builder, speaker, coach, consultant, plumber — or any other professional — you’ll be amazed at the business boost you’ll get from writing a book on your area of expertise. Imagine having a conversation with a prospective client about a service you offer, and you say, “I wrote a book on this. Would you like me to send you a copy?” That changes the entire conversation! Why would they talk to anyone else about their need when you wrote the book about it?

We’re not talking here about an inch-thick tome containing everything you ever knew about your subject – those books are old-school, and nobody has time to read them any more. These are slim volumes, usually in the range of 90-150 pages, focusing on one aspect of your expertise. If you have several areas, consider writing a series — very practical and even more impressive!

How the process works

1. You come up with a list of about ten questions your clients ask you – or that they should ask you but don’t — and send them to me.

2. We set up a Skype or Zoom or phone call (Skype or Zoom is better) in which I interview you, using your own questions. Because I am a skilled interviewer, I know how to ask supplementary questions to elicit even more relevant information your readers will value. I also ask the “dumb” questions if your answers aren’t clear — after all, if I don’t understand you, probably your readers won’t either. Even though I use the term 90-Minute in the title of this service, I’m happy to talk and listen for as long as it takes to get what we need for your book.

3. I record the interview and send it off for transcription.

4. When it comes back, that’s when I work my magic! Despite what many unscrupulous online marketers will tell you, just tweaking a manuscript does NOT give you a book. It gives you a tweaked manuscript — not the same thing at all. What I do is take your message from audio form, adapt it to the written word and make it into a real book — while retaining your personal voice because it it is, after all, your message.

5. After you approve the final manuscript, I have a cover and inside layout professionally designed for your approval and put the book together.

What you get

1. A pdf file of the finished book, which you can use for many promotional purposes.

2. 100 copies of a real, honest-to-goodness printed book with your name on the cover as author — how cool is that?

3. If you wish, your book will be uploaded for sale on Amazon. Very often your potential clients will be impressed just by the fact that your book is on Amazon!

What you don’t get

1. Shopping your book to agents or publishers. I rarely publish my own books traditionally and I don’t have the expertise to do this for you.

2. Marketing or promotion for your book. Most of my 90-Minute Author clients use their books to improve their business, not to make money from actually selling the book.