Book Coaching is for people committed to writing their book, who need encouragement, butt kicking, reassurance, support, collaboration, empathy, and more in equal or unequal measure

Writing a book is a major commitment of time, energy and endurance. It has many aspects, including project management, the crafts of writing and editing, respecting and managing the creative process, guarding your mindset and more. I’ve written nine non-fiction books of my own, as well as worked with dozens of authors on their books, so I understand what it takes to get this done.

We will start where you currently are on your author journey. If all you have is an idea, we’ll flesh it out. If you have lots of ideas and some notes, we’ll sort them out. And if you’ve already started on your draft, we’ll make sure it’s going in the right direction before you go any further. If you’ve started writing without doing the planning steps, we’ll step back and start right.

How the Process Works

1. After discussion, you will commit to how many pages you will write each week, and based on that you will send me the agreed-on number of pages on specified dates twice a month. I will give you detailed feedback on these pages, sometimes suggesting a different direction or identifying someplace you are not quite getting the message through. I might give you exercises to improve your skills in certain areas.

2. On two prearranged days each month, we will chat by phone, Skype or Zoom for an hour to discuss your submission and my comments. During these calls, feel free to talk about discouragement, the craft of writing, information about publishing, your intentions for the book or any other aspect that’s bothering you. Always remember, though, that my main function is to help you get the words on the page.

3. You will have access to me by email throughout the process to clear up any other questions or concerns you have about the whole project. I try to respond within 48 hours. Sometimes I will email you if I have an idea or I’ve read an article or something else that might help you. I’m your coach, I’m on your team, I’ll help you get the best out of yourself.

What you get

1. If you work with me with honesty, give your best effort to the work, take my advice even if it hurts (and sometimes it will), stick with the deadlines, do what you say you will do — you will get a completed manuscript at the end of the process. I don’t know when that end will be, because that mainly depends on you, but if you give me your best shot I will stay with you till the job is done.

2. You will get an empathetic, understanding coach. Even though I am the coach, in this situation you’re not working for me — I’m working with you. We’re on the same team, with the ultimate goal of getting your book written.

What you don’t get

1. Shopping your book to agents or publishers. I rarely publish my own books traditionally and I don’t have the expertise to do this for you.

2. Marketing or promotion for your book.

3. Design or production of your book.

If, on the other hand, you decide to go the Indie Publishing route, i.e. publish it yourself through the various online platforms including Amazon, I can help you get this done. Note, though, that even though I help you publish online, I still do not do any marketing. I can point you to resources to help you learn, but I will not do it for you.

Fees and contract

The initial contract is for three months at a fee of U.S. $1,500 per month, payable in advance, a month at a time. The first month is payable on signing the contract and the rest on the 1st day of each month.

At the end of the three months, you will decide whether you are ready to fly on your own or continue with me. You are not locked into any particular length of time beyond the first three months — it’s all up to you, your budget and your commitment to finishing. Should you decide at any time to go it alone, we will finish the contract at the end of the month in which you tell me, and no further fees will be payable. You can restart at any time if you find you need my help again.

Fees are payable in U.S. Dollars by e-transfer, direct deposit or PayPal.

You own the copyright in all the work. Because we work on a monthly basis, there are no refunds.

The contract can be cancelled by either of us at any time after the first three months, with one month written notice.

Finally, we both understand that this process is a big commitment of time, money and effort. It is intense work for us both. It is an investment by you in yourself and your future as an author.

The commitment is not small — but then neither is your dream.