Ghost writing is for authors who have a book inside them wanting to come out, but they don’t want to do any of the writing themselves. Nothing wrong with that — most books written by politicians, movie stars or titans of industry are ghost written.

Because it is a major writing project, taking a considerable amount of time and specialized skills on my part, it’s also for those with deep pockets.

How the process works

1. If you have any materials about the project — maybe notes you’ve been saving over the years with the idea of eventually writing a book — you send them to me for review before we talk.

2. Depending on the subject matter and the length of the book, you and I will become close collaborators (maybe even friends but I don’t promise that!) and I will interview you for many hours over a period of time.

3. I create an outline for your book, which you approve.

4. I write the book. I will provide chapters and/or sections to you for your review as I draft them. This means if I’m going off track, we can discover that early and make course corrections. Remember, I may be the one writing down the words, but it’s your book and it needs to make you happy.

What you get

1. A final manuscript ready for the next steps on the road to publication.

What you don't get

1. No production or publishing is included in the ghostwriting service.

2. Although I will be editing as I go through the process, the final manuscript should be edited separately. Professional authors use professional editors, because even good writing can be improved by good editing, so you should engage the services of an editor when the manuscript is complete. Even though I offer editing services, you will want a different editor for your book, as self-editing of books is not recommended.


Expect this process to take approximately six months, sometimes more depending on subject matter and both our schedules. We will agree on this at the time we sign the contract.

Fees and Payment Schedule

Ghostwriting fees vary depending on a number of factors, including complexity, length and required research. I will quote a fee for your project after an exploratory discussion with you.

Fees are payable in six equal monthly payments, regardless of whether or not the project is finished by the end of the sixth month. Work begins after the first payment is received.