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Hi, there — Helen here.

I want to welcome you to this new blog, 5-Minute Author Notes. Actually it’s much more than a blog — in fact, it’s a free multimedia series I’m creating in video, audio, blog post, multimedia, and whatever other idea I can come up with on the subject of writing a book.

This is designed for potential authors, new authors, aspiring authors, actual authors, frustrated authors, particularly those who believe that they have a book inside them, but for some reason they just can’t seem to get it out. And the purpose of the series is to give you short five-minute tips on various topics to help you along your journey and get your book done. So if that’s you, this series is definitely for you.
Why listen to me?

So why should you listen to me? Well, first of all, I am an author. I have written nine non-fiction books, some on communication in the workplace, a couple of motivational titles, and my latest one is a travel memoir. I also write fiction. I have a series of short stories, and I am struggling mightily with my first murder mystery which one of these days I will finish.

But of more interest to you, probably, is that I also help other people get their books written. I do that through a suite of author services that include editing, book coaching, and full-on ghostwriting. And so it’s my mission in life to help people who say they have a book inside them to get it out. I’ve been where you are, and I’ve learned a lot along the way about the process of writing a book and also publishing a book. And now, I want to pass it along to you.
What’s this all about?

So what will I be talking about in my 5-Minute Author Notes? Well, first of all, I’ll be talking about the obstacles, the reasons that people say that they can’t get a book written. I surveyed people and asked them, “Is there a book inside you that you can’t get out, and what is your main problem with that?” I will be addressing the answers I received from people in various videos and posts throughout the series. I’ll also be giving you tips and techniques on the craft of writing, because no matter what people tell you, it does help if you actually can write reasonably well! So I’ll give you some tips on that. I’ll be looking at the common mistakes that people make and helping you avoid them.

And then, there’s the whole question of publishing. After you have your book written, how do you get it out into the world? I’ll be talking about that as well. In other words, all aspects of this exciting journey to authorship, with the pitfalls along the way, and the triumphs at the end.
It really is free — no catch

This is a truly free series. I’m not leading up to a launch of any kind. I’m just simply putting these messages out to help you to get your book written.

So do you want to come along with me? I hope you do. If you’re not already on my author list, go now to and sign up. You will receive your free copy of “Your Roadmap to Authorship” and every week you’ll receive an email from me announcing the new video and post that’s coming out and what the topic will be.

And so next week, I’ll start to get into the meat of the materials by talking about the first and most common of these obstacles that people throw up in their way. So I hope you’ll join me then, and I’ll see you next week.

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